Our Mission

To empower female veterans regain stability and self-sufficiency by assisting them with temporary housing, job training and employment.

Operation120 To Help Transitioning Service Members

We can never repay our debt to the hundreds of thousands of veterans for the sacrifices they’ve made for each of us, but we can all certainly try to do our part! Service members are always mentally prepared for military duties, but there is little time to prepare, when coming home, for the challenges ahead. In taking a role in assisting our returning heroes you are providing for immediate needs including; but not limited to; housing, household goods, employment, clothing, transportation, education, service animals, professional referrals and more. We need your help in “Honoring Those Who Have Served!”


Operation120 To Help Transitioning Service Members

Colleges and universities are very costly, and many times, our veterans are unable to afford continuing education for their children. It is paramount we afford this opportunity to those who are in need. OPERATION120 works to provide grant financing to Affiliates who have the ability to provide scholarships to those military children we refer who meet their criteria. Families of servicemembers who meet the criteria to receive financial aid/or a scholarship to attend to a school of their choice may apply to OPERATION120 at info@operation120.org to request an application.


Operation120 To Help Transitioning Service Members

We’ve happily watched the touching videos of active servicemembers returning home reuniting with their spouses, children, family, friends and pets. But after the brief merriment, what happens to so many of our heroes next? These same veterans who risked their lives for us daily have returned ‘home’ to the life they missed, only to find themselves feeling isolated, disjointed, unwanted and without purpose. They cannot find employment; many suffer from PTS(D), addiction and behavioral issues. Too many are soon living in the streets with no sense of security and wondering what to do next. It is up to us to help find the answer. It doesn’t seem fair, after all they’ve endured, to return home from deployment and be at risk for homelessness. Americans must not limit their generosity when it pertains to the basic needs warranted by those who have sacrificed and given so much for us all. Everyone deserves a ‘safe haven’ home and the basic necessities of life we take for granted, including, clothing, food, linens, toiletries, appliances, furniture, computers and automobiles. We must all be grateful to the hundreds of thousands of servicemembers who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of ours; to protect us, our freedom, our rights, possessions and our homes. It is imperative we continue “Honoring Those Who Have Served!”


There are several ways you can join us in helping our nation's heroes.


OPERATION120 welcomes the opportunity to personally speak with you to discuss our mission, the needs of the organization and many ways we can work together in “Honoring Those Who Have Served!"


OPERATION120 continually fundraises to secure donations to benefit Servicemembers. “It takes a village” and OPERATION120 wants to assure our village is “Honoring Those Who Have Served!"


OPERATION120 is constantly in need of compassionate, reliable volunteers to work with our Servicemembers in many ways. Events are regularly scheduled and many volunteers are necessary to help with the production and management of each event. OPERATION120 appreciates the time and effort each volunteer donates and will go above and beyond to welcome and APPRECIATE all volunteers.